En video funnet i restene av huset som ble sprengt i Leganes viser at terrorcellen planla nye angrep som straff for at påtroppende statsminister Zapatero planla å øke styrken i Afganistan.

The full text of a painstakingly reconstructed video found in the ruins of the apartment and released by the police on Tuesday offered the terrorists’ first criticism of the Socialists, who defeated Spain’s center-right government in the election three days after the March 11 bombings.

«After discovering that the situation has not changed, and that your new government announced it would start its mandate with yet more fighting against Muslims and the deployment of more crusader troops to Afghanistan, the Death Squadrons and Ansar al Qaeda have decided to continue on the path of holy war and resistance,» the speaker on the video said.

The speaker added that unless all Spanish troops were withdrawn from Muslim lands within a week, the holy war would continue.
Terroristene er opptatt av det muslimske området i Spania, som ble erobret av spanierne i 1492:

In the video found in the apartment debris, the speaker referred to Al Andalus, saying that the «brigade located in Al Andalus will not leave here until there is an immediate, unconditional withdrawal of their troops from Muslim bases.»
Blant papirene ble det også funnet kart som visert at gruppen planla angrep mot jødiske mål i en by nord for Madrid.

Terrorists in Spain Said to Eye Jewish Sites

Published: April 14, 2004