Britene er forvirret etter at Rumsfeld sa USA er beredt på å gå til krig mot Irak uten Storbritannia, melder BBC.

The diplomatic flurry came as Tony Blair said he was willing to work «night and day» to secure enough common ground among UN security council members for a second resolution.
Mr Rumsfeld told reporters: «What will ultimately be decided is unclear as to their [UK’s] role and I think until we know what the resolution is, we won’t know what their role will be.»

Etterpå forsøkte Rumsfeld seg med at han bare forsøkte å hjelpe britene:

He stressed: «I was simply pointing out that obtaining a second United Nation’s Security Council Resolution is important to the United Kingdom and that we are working to achieve it.»
«In the event that a decision to use force is made, we have every reason to believe there will be a significant military contribution from the United Kingdom.»
In recent days military planners have been talking about Britain’s «military contribution being greater than we thought».