For everyone watching news from the trumpian America – it must be like looking into a mental asylum. Most of the media, politicians, and public seems to have gone mad. Some demand 30+ new genders, others that 150 year old statues should be destroyed. College professors openly call for the genocide of white people, and hollywood mass produce movies with white people being racist and to blame for everything bad on this planet today – and through history.

An interesting case over there is also the claim that President Trump colluded with Russia to win the election – a claim made by the losers of the election. The root cause for this appears to be the following incident (condensed to a nutshell):

Someone claimed they had dirt on Clinton – they didn’t.

Yes you read that right, it is a single sentence of 9 word and a hyphen – and it is about nothing at all. And based on this “fact” they now have a Grand-Inquisitor with about sixteen satanic lawyers under him at FBI going through Trumps financial records. Financial records??!

The above two paragraphs are true, and I will advise the reader not to try to make sense of it. We are clearly dealing with mentally deranged people here. My guess is that this investigation will figure out that Trump did not pay his taxes in 1945 (he was born in 1946), impeach him, and then shot him in front of the Capitol building.

So how did USA end up in this insane situation? When did they all go mad? Some sane voices are still heard, like Tucker Carlson, Hannity, and others, but it appears the majority politicians and media are truly mad. How did they get to this point? I would argue the the following fact is the root cause of all the problems in USA.

In the first half of the eighteen sixties a head of state set free tens of millions of slaves.

At first glance the above act seems like a good deed – why could such an act of emancipation be a root cause of social problems in USA today?

To explain we need a crash course in human history, especially with regards to slavery and civil rights.

5000 years of recorded history

Writing – and civilisation – was invented around 5000 years ago independently several places around the globe, such as  Egypt, Crete, Mesopotamia, and China. This means writing was invented around 3000 BC – Before Christ. As such, by history we mean these 5000 years, from 3000 BC until 2017 AD. Time before 3000 BC is usually called pre-history (we have no written records from that time), and is outside the scope of this text.

Slavery existed from the beginning of history. We know laws existed in ancient Egypt all the way back to 3000 BC, and we have almost complete examples of laws as the Code of Hammurabi (1754 BC). These laws also pertain to slavery, as punishment of and treatment of. Slavery was part of normal life globally, socially and ethically accepted, and people would usually be born into their position in life – although one could also end up in slavery by being captured in battle or otherwise.

The first civilisations around 3000 BC onwards would be city states and small nations, but towards 2000 BC empire building was getting going. One of the first, if not the first, was Sargon the Great of Akkad. Forward through time empire building will be a constant task for ambitious rulers. Examples we have are Hittite empire, Assyrian empire, the Persian empire of Cyrus II the great (the one from the Bible), then Alexander the Great’s empire, as well as Carthage and Rome battling it out towards the end of the first 3000 years of history.

At this point, let us pause at about 100 BC and examine slavery and civil rights.

Slavery was still socially and ethically accepted throughout the planet, some civilizations, like Greece and the Romans are indeed now depending on a slave population doing manual work. It is not evil or immoral or a crime. It is accepted in all societies, and in places regulated by law.

Civil rights is an issue in the Roman republic. The voting rights are for men only, and is regulated also with respect to property, so the richer you are, the more your vote is worth. A class struggle between the noble patricians and the common plebeians over rights also occur. The famous Gracchi brothers were at the center of this – see for example the upcoming book The Storm Before The Storm.

For Rome itself, civil rights was Roman citizenship. At the beginning this was only for Romans themselves, living in the city of Rome. Over time citizenship was gradually extended to all of Italy, and later to people also outside Italy. The Apostle Paul was for example a Roman citizen.

(I will focus here only on Europe). Forward 300 years, we are into the third century of the – now – Roman empire, and we have the Crisis of the Third Century (235 AD – 284 AD).

In this period Rome was in chaos. Over these 50 years there were no less than 26 claimants to the throne – anyone who had the opportunity saw themselves as an Emperor. Not a good time I suspect. So what is the interesting part for us – relating to slavery?

Well, isn’t it obvious – inflation of course! Surely you must have seen that coming?

These 26 rotten emperors were not quite decent with the production of coins. They minted false coins on an industrial scale, and they managed to crash the coin based economy – basically inflation went through the roof, and money was in the end worthless. Again you ask – what does this have to do with slavery?

Well, the crisis itself came to an and with a string of competent emperors coming from around Dalmatia (today Balkan). One was for example Aurelian, the one who brought the empire – once divided into three parts – into one part again. And if you saw ISIS blow up the Palmyra ruins? He was the one who made it into ruins in the first place. He also started building walls around cities, hence the Aurelian Walls around Rome. Later the Theodosian Walls around Constantinople would keep that city safe for a thousand years. The most famous of these emperors, and one of the three best emperors in Roman history was Diocletian. (photo)

And here we get to the slavery part – because Diocletian tried to solve the inflation problem. He failed. So he came up with an innovative solution, people would pay taxes not in worthless money, but in goods and services. Over time this led to a new problem. If paying taxes in wine was more profitable than paying tax in grain, then every farmer would start growing wine grapes only. Point is – people would realise what they could change profession to minimize tax. And Diocletian found a solution to this problem as well. He extended the already existing guild system, so that people were stuck to the same trade as their parents. Enter serfdom. Serfdom would soon be spread across the entire Roman Empire. Slavery – with a different name.

What we call european serfs are in principle just slaves. They could typically work the farms, giving any surplus to their owners. Serfdom existed onwards quite long in Europe. Marxist historians will insist that serfs were much different than slaves, that they could not be sold or bought. That is why this article start with the words “Dead Souls”. That is actually the title of a book. No living citizen of US have read this book – it’s probably banned over there. More on this book later.

Moving on – 300 AD onwards into 1215 AD. Magna Carta Libertatum is introduced by King John of England. Basically – people are getting rights – rights to not be mistreated by the rulers.

The Black Death arrived somewhat later, peaking in 1346 AD. The disease was most likely Yersinia pestis, and by reducing the population of Europe considerably, the surviving serfs suddenly became more important – there was now a shortage of working people. More rights to come. Elizabeth I freed the last serfs in England in 1574 AD. Nevertheless, some kind of link to ground still existed in England until 1925 AD.

Let us now move forward, and pause at the first “giant leap for mankind” – United States of America declares independence in 1776 AD. And the founders of this (once) great nation wrote:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

This is the beginning of the end of slavery, and to the creation of civil rights equal to all mankind. This – is the first step on that ladder.

The key phrase is “all men are created equal”. On the day this was penned by Thomas Jefferson, edited by John Adams and Benjamin Franklin, it really meant this:

“All FREE MALE CHRISTIAN WHITE RICH men are created equal”

This is what it originally meant. After this, a civil rights movement was set in motion – to remove all the capitalized words in the sentence above. And over time, one-by-one, the capitalized words were removed.

At this time in history – the sentiment towards slavery and civil rights is still the same as it has been for 4700 years of history – slavery is socially acceptable, ethically ok, civil rights are only for rich men of the nation. There is no evil in owning slaves – it never was for the last 4700 years. The sentence “all men are created equal” is the first step on the road to realizing – this sentence is true.

Back to Europe, we now have the French revolution in 1789 AD. Lot’s of blood – and lots of inspiration from the american revolution. Franklin and marquis de Lafayette took part in both, and ideas were shared. Liberte! Egalite! Fraternite!

Moving onwards the serf situation is basically them being freed. In Russia in 1861, in Iceland as late as 1894.

Now pause.

In 1842 Dead Souls, a book by russian author Nikolai Gogol was published. The plot is this: Owners pay tax of the serfs they own. Serfs are counted every (say) ten years. If half die after 5 years, the owner still has to pay tax until the next official count. He pays for worthless dead souls. Around comes a man with a business idea.

Serfs were for most purposes considered the property of the landowner, who could buy, sell or mortgage them, as any other chattel.

The idea – buy the dead souls cheaply – and then take out a mortgage on this dead soul – making a huge profit on a dead serf.

So Marxist historians – if serfs could be bought, sold, and mortgaged – how are they different from US slaves? Do tell.

After the serfs in Europe were freed, the civil rights movement was then about equality in things like voting, all men should be able to vote, then all women. Read about the suffragette movement, this was not only about voting rights, but also that girls and boys should share classrooms for example. Something to think about in these days of muslim separation of sexes.

The struggle went on until the 1970ties when women in Switzerland finally could vote. Interesting enough, women in Saudi-Arabia got voting rights in 2015 – women’s rights in muslim countries leaves much to be desired.

The root cause

In the first half of the eighteen sixties a head of state set free tens of millions of slaves.

If you were appalled by the idea that this fact was the root cause of the social problems in USA today – then you are an uneducated US citizen.


The fact refers to Tzar Alexander II freeing more than 20 million russian serfs in 1861. Abe Lincoln freed a few million blacks. Hence “tens of millions” makes it crystal clear which “head of state” we are talking about.

Which is funny – when USA makes releasing a few million slaves in 1864 into movies and almost a religion in itself – why don’t americans learn about Alexander the second and the freeing of more than 20 million white slaves at precisely the same time?

The reality is – blacks in USA share an almost identical history with white people with respect to slavery and civil rights. We were both freed in the second half of the 19th century, we both fought for civil rights until the 60ties and 70ties (for women in Europe).

I saw somewhere online a black US woman yelling – “my grandmother didn’t have a right to vote”.

Neither did the grandmother of the swiss Roger Federer – he’s white.

What’s your point?

She has no point – she thinks she has a point because she – and the rest of US – are uneducated. You have not learned the true history of slavery and civil rights. You have not been thought that white people were slaves at the same time as blacks – you have been thought you were special – you were not. The fact of Alexander II emancipation of 20 million slaves has not been taught to you. Hence – you think slavery applies only to you – while in reality the history of the white russian immigrant next to you is identical to your history.

Black US citizen – you’re not special.

And many whites in US seems equally without education or intellect. The makers of Game of Thrones have come up with an idiotic idea – what if the south successfully seceded and kept slavery on? They actually think this insane idea would work. Well, with or without a civil war – slavery was actually doomed. Contrary to popular opinion – slavery is not economically feasible in a capitalist and industrialized world. Farms using slaves would go bankrupt when competing with the north’s machinated agricultural farms. Machines can do a thousand times better job than slaves.

Funny enough, capitalism and industrialisation have set free more more and enriched them more than any other political system in history. Socialism has only resulted in slavery and poverty. You cannot have slaves in USA, because their owners would be ruined by industrialised agriculture and industry. But you can have slaves in socialist Cuba, because no-one can afford agricultural machines. All profits from the slaves ending up in the hands of Raoul Castro and his family and his henchmen’s.

So here you have it – capitalism frees people – and socialism enslaves them. Think Zimbabwe, Venezuela, and sadly – South-Africa.

It is weird – because the creation of USA could be seen as the first step on the ladder that has ended slavery, and has created civil rights for us all. Newton said “we stand on the shoulder of giants” – that’s how we can see so far. Freedom and civil rights for all was missing on this planet for the first 4700 years – then came America. Someone penned the sentence “all men are created equal” – and with time this first step would set free all slaves of the world, and raise women to their proper standing alongside men – at least in the West.

And every step of this ladder was made by white christian men – apparently the most hated people on this planet today.

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