Frankrike kunngjorde søndag at det har gjennomført bombeangrep mot IS-mål i Syria. Det er første gang.

«Our country thus confirms its resolute commitment to fight against the terrorist threat represented by Daesh (Islamic State). We will strike each time that our national security is at stake,» the French Presidency said in a statement.

France, which has so far only taken part in strikes in Iraq, began reconnaissance flights over Syria earlier this month in order to gather information on Islamic State positions.

Frankrike støtter FNs spesialutsending Staffan de Misturas fremstøt for en forhandlingsløsning. Men utenriksminister Laurent Fabius avviser at Bashar al-Assad kan bli sittende i en overgangsperiode.

France’s foreign minister Laurent Fabius said on Saturday that Bashar al-Assad could not play any role in a political transition, because this would not be credible to the Syrian people after so many deaths at the hands of his government.


France launches air strikes against Islamic State