Jeb Bush sa under en rundreise i Polen, Tyskland og de baltiske land at USA bør styrke sitt militære bidrag i regionen.

Speaking to reporters about security issues, Bush said, «I do know that we need to expand our presence here … we ought to have a more significant presence in this region.»

On Wednesday, in Germany, Bush, in a speech to a prominent European economic conference, said that NATO and US forces should match the strength that Russian President Vladimir Putin is amassing in the region.

He noted that the US needs «to be consistently clear» that NATO rules requiring the defense of fellow treaty nations be strictly upheld. He credited Obama with reiterating that point at the recently Group of Seven conference in Germany.

Det er ventet at Bush vil annonsere sitt kandidatur for presidentvalget i 2016 om kort tid, og kan vise seg å bli en av de republikanske favorittene.

Deutsche Welle (AP, reuters)

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