Dette er slik ein leiarartikkel skal lyde i denne saka:

«In the gangster state that is Vladimir Putin ’s Russia, we may never learn who shot dead Boris Nemtsov in Moscow late Friday night, much less why. The longtime opposition leader had once been Russia’s deputy prime minister under Boris Yeltsin, and he might have steered Russia toward a decent future had he been given a chance. Instead, he was fated to become a courageous voice for democracy and human rights who risked his life to alert an indifferent West to the dangers of doing business with the man in the Kremlin. …

With his murder, Nemtsov’s name now joins that of other opponents of Mr. Putin who have met violent deaths or otherwise been brutalized by his regime: journalist Anna Politkovskaya, human-rights researcher Natalya Estemirova, opposition leader Alexei Navalny. One day their names will be celebrated in Russia, long after Mr. Putin is gone.»

Wall Street Journal 27 febr.

Artikkelen syner Nemtsov respekt. Dernest set dei mordet inn i den rette samanhengen, både med omsyn til det som skjer i Russland under Putin og korleis Vesten søv medan varslarar som Nemtsov set livet på spel.