Igjen er en svensk innvandrer tatt for å ha deltatt i terrorforberedelser i utlandet. Svensk-libanesiske Hossam Taleb Yaacoub ble torsdag funnet skyldig i å ha forberedt terror på vegne av Hizbollah mot israelske turister på Kypros.

Hossam Taleb Yaacoub ble arrestert like før fem israelske turister ble drept av en selvmordsbomber i Burgos i Bulgaria. Bulgarske myndigheter konkluderte for en stund siden med at Hizbollah lå bak.

Yaacoub drev spaning på israelske turister og skulle overlevere informasjonen til en kontakt i Libanon. Han påsto han ikke rakk å gjøre det.

The 24-year-old said he had been asked to log information on Israeli flight arrivals in Cyprus and jot down the number plates of buses carrying tourists from the Jewish state.

He said he was unaware what the information was for and was arrested last July before he could communicate the information to a handler, whom he did not know, in Lebanon.

The court said Hezbollah had ordered him to carry out six missions on Cyprus since December 2011, and that he was paid a total of 4,800 dollars by the powerful Shiite terror group.

It said the accused contacted Hezbollah through various Internet cafes in different towns.

Cyprus is becoming ever more popular for Israeli tourists, with arrivals in 2012 increasing 23.5% to 39,420.

«Any logical explanation that could present these actions as innocent ones is completely lacking,» judges in the Limassol criminal court said in an 80-page decision on how they reached their verdict.

«The purpose of Hezbollah in connection with the actions of the accused, constitute a criminal organization in this regard… based on the specific actions of the accused in Cyprus,» the decision added.

Yaacoub, who faces a sentence of up to 14 years in prison, was however cleared of three charges pertaining to conspiracy to commit a crime because they were covered by the other offences.

The court will reconvene on March 28 to hear mitigating arguments and for sentencing.