Last night I was watching CNN live broadcasting from Gaza, with Anderson Cooper on the spot and Wolf Blitzer in Jerusalem.  The media big shots are the media equivalent of Israel’s guns. Only the real guns are used to defend people. CNN’s are used destructively.

They utilize the bombs to make their own show; the war is turned into av media-show. Every bomb, every impact is broadcast live and even though there is footage from Israel as well, the action is in Gaza, and by its sheer drama it overwhelms what is taking place in Israel.
The strategy behind the rockets against Israel is the real thing, and it doesn’t show on TV: people’s minds doesn’t show. But that is what forces Israel to respond. By choosing to focus only on the response, CNN and all the other media outlets are distorting cause and effect. They turn the aggressor into victim.
But aren’t civilians in Gaza victims of real bombs? Yes, they are, and they are victims because Hamas chose to sacrifice them, and in their morbid strategy that is not only a price they are willing to pay – it is a wanted outcome: the more victims, the more sympathy. The media have entered a Devil’s Pact with Hamas. Hamas wants victims, and the media makes TV-drama out of the suffering and destruction, without exposing the strategy that willfully started the war, knowing what the outcome would be.
Thus when Israel drops leaflets telling residents in certain areas to evacuate, Hamas’ radio tells them to stay in their houses.
The world should have learned by now what Hamas is about, what it represents.
It is true there is a new situation in the Middle East. It should come as no surprise that Hamas would exploit the situation to their benefit. The reason they can do it in such a brazen manner, is that they know the new rulers in Egypt are prisoners of their common ideology. When Hamas calls the tune, The Muslim Brotherhood must follow. It cannot refuse. In order to up the ante, Hamas needs civilian victims to feed the outrage. The media gives it to them: it feeds the outrage.
That is what Anderson Cooper and CNN was doing in Gaza last night: they were feeding the dragon.
One section showed where Hamas’ rockets originate and how they get into Gaza: they are manufactured in an Iranian-operated factory in Sudan. They are transported through Sinai that has become a lawless area. Anderson Cooper called these revelations «fascinating».
That Iran is producing rockets meant for Jerusalem and Tel Aviv after they have been fired against those cities and changed the situation for Israel – is «fascinating» ?
That word speaks volumes about Anderson Coopers reluctance to see the situation from Israel’s perspective. What if the target had been New York? There is a willful blindness in CNN’s coverage that is an insult to their viewers’ intelligence. People in the internet age are not stupid. They understand that the world has shrunk and that regimes like Iran cannot be allowed to acquire neclear weapons.
Israel knows this. It has been willing to put a stop to Iran’s nuclear program before it is too late. For this they have been hammered. When will the world understand that Israel are threatened by forces that also are enemies of the West?
Thus the Gaza-war this time is different. It is true. But in a different way. It shows that the Arab spring have encouraged the destructive forces that thrive within islamism. As Hillary Clinton said: extremists are trying to hijack the revolution. Hopefully that is what the Obama-administration has realized and hopefully they recognize the danger.
But a large segment of «world opinion», i.e Europe and the media, have not. They alternatively blame Israel for reacting and blame it for not adapting to the new situation, i.e. islamists growing influence.
The US must send a clear message that it will not be intimidated, that it will stand by Israel, and that it very well has read the message from Benghazi and the demonstrations in Cairo and elsewhere. The US will not be pressured by a new Arab Street that has turned islamist.
That liberal media has become moutpieces of the islamists strategy is a betrayal of the very society they are supposed to serve.
There is a real drama here, and it is not Israel’s bombs. It is our own future.