Nicolas Sarkozy sier det samme som Angela Merkel og sist David Cameron: Flerkulturalisme er en fiasko.

Sarkozy sa dette i en fjernsynsdebatt torsdag.

Sarkozy also sought to take back control of the issues on multiculturalism and immigration. Echoing comments earlier this week from U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, he said multiculturalism has been a failure

«The truth is that in all our democracies, we have been too concerned with the identity of the person who arrives and not enough with the identity of the country that takes that person in,» Sarkozy said.

The TNS Sofres survey showed Sarkozy losing the backing of supporters of his right-wing UMP party and the far-right Front National, whose leader Marine Le Pen was one of the few political figures to see their rating improve in the survey.

«If you come to France, you accept to melt into one community which is the national community. If you can’t accept that, you can’t be welcome in France,» Sarkozy said.

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