I have written several articles on the city of Poitiers, its religious and cultural heritage, and the current Islamization process that signals a major turning point in its history. The building of a mosque (or mosques) in the city where Charles Martel defeated the Muslims in 732 reveals the dramatic reversal of values that France has undergone in 1300 years. But most of these radical changes to the national pride of the country have been recent – since the 1960’s. Before that, no matter what the upheavals, wars, revolutions, or cultural shifts, France still stayed recognizably France, her towns, her countryside, her Christian roots, her literary output and her artistic preeminence were seemingly eternal.

The building of mosques, the opening of the borders to Islam, the blatant abrogation of the 1905 law separating Church and State, all constitute something new, something that has never happened before, unless you want to consider the Occupation by the Germans as a comparable event. But the analogy does not hold up, since there was a declared war against Germany, an armed resistance against Germany, and ultimately a surrender by Germany.

I missed the following video when it was posted in August 2009 at Islamisation, the website administered by Joachim Véliocas. The video tells us nothing we don’t already know, but it is in English, made by an American who visited Poitiers and saw for himself the changes described above.

Joachim skriver:

having lived in France for over 9 years, the purpose of my video was to show the increasing growth of muslim faith and apparent government financial aid and support, contrary to the government doing everything possible to stop independent Christianity from being established in their country. The government wouldn’t even give our christian group an occasional public room for a legal french association. Smells of double standard at best.

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