Akkurat som karikaturstriden handlet om at muslimer ville påtvinge ikke-muslimer deres oppfatning av ytringsfrihet, så påtvinger troende muslimer andre deres faste under Ramadan.

Disse to historiene fra Frankrike er ikke enestående.

He was having lunch on the terrace of a restaurant in downtown Lyons, during the weekend of August 15, when three young persons assaulted him because he was not respecting the Ramadan fast. This man, a father, of Senegalese origin now residing in Vénissieux, was struck on the head with a glass bottle, then with a chair. Rushed to the hospital, with a skull fracture, he had to undergo surgery. The assault was filmed by a surveillance camera, but the poor quality of the images did not allow for an identification of the assailants. The prosecution has opened a preliminary inquiry. (…)

Three days later, a young Jewish woman filed a complaint after being assaulted in a supermarket in Toulouse. The victim declared that she was attacked by two adolescents who reproached her for buying food during the fast. The young woman then revealed that she was Jewish, which only increased the anger of her attackers who called her «dirty Jew», struck her on the head, causing her to fall heavily to the ground. A guard witnessed the scene without intervening. Questioned by the investigators on the reasons for his passiveness, the man explained that he was respecting Ramadan and that he was in a hurry to leave so that he could eat at sundown.

Agressé parce qu’il n’a pas respecté le ramadan

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