Mullah Krekars gruppe, Ansar al-Islam, skal være innblandet i angrepene i Storbritannia.

Meanwhile, links between an Islamist terror group responsible for a series of bloody bombings in Iraq and the London attacks last week have emerged today.

According to reports, British intelligence had warned the Government that Iranian Kurds could be plotting a campaign of terror to coincide with the handover of power from Tony Blair to Gordon Brown.

US sources today suggested radical Kurdish group Ansar al-Islam would have a motive for an attack on Britain, having been driven out of its northern Iraqi stronghold and into Iran after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. Many of its fighters have since returned to Iraq to carry out a series of suicide and car bombings.

Skulle Ansar al-Islam være innblandet, kan det være at norske myndigheter får henvendelser fra Storbritannia.

Kurdish terror group is linked to London attacks