En katolsk skole og tilstøtende kloster i Gaza ble plyndret, vandalisert og stukket i brann torsdag. Hendelsen er først nå blitt kjent.

Crosses were broken, a statue of Jesus was damaged, and prayer books were burned at the Rosary Sisters School and nearby convent, said the Rev. Manuel Musallem, head of Gaza’s Latin church.

The damage took place Thursday but wasn’t reported until days later because of the chaos that has prevailed since Islamic Hamas militants wrested power in Gaza, Musallem said. The religious compound is located near a key security headquarters Hamas captured Thursday on the final day of its Gaza takeover.

Gunmen used the roof of the school during the fighting, and the convent was «desecrated,» Mussallem said.

«Nothing happens by mistake these days,» he said.

The doors of the convent were knocked open with mortars and furniture was damaged. Prayer books in the chapel were burned, crosses were broken, and a statue of Jesus was damaged.

Seven computers were removed, but three were brought back after the vandalism was reported to the deposed prime minister in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh.

Haniyeh condemned the attack on the religious compound and President Mahmoud Abbas of the rival
Fatah movement said in statement late Sunday that the «barbaric» attack was the act of Hamas’ militia.

«There may be some in Hamas who wanted to cause strife between Muslims and Christians,» Musallem said.

Catholic school, convent desecrated

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