Den islamske bevegelsen i Israel oppfordret til masseprotester mot restaureringen av veien til Mughrabi-porten, den eneste som ikke-troende får bruke opp til Tempelhøyden. Men israelske palestinere uteble. Hvorfor?

Ifølge Moshe Elad er det fordi de unge israelske palestinerne har tatt et langt sprang mot moderniteten: deres helter og heltinner er sports og showbiz-stjerner. Religionen får en mer beskjeden plass. Jentene kaster hijaben. Alle vil ha utdanning.

Den islamske bevegelsen ble så alarmert at den i 2004 startet kampanjen «Våre sønner er i fare». Ifølge Elad har det ikke hjulpet. «Sønnene» vil ikke bli reddet. Religiøse ledere er blant de minst populære, viser meningsmålinger.

A survey conducted among hundreds of Arab youth to find out who their role models were, found that more than half admire artists and pop stars, and over a quarter identify with athletes and intellectuals, whereas politicians (11 percent) and religious clerics (6 percent) were the least popular role models.

The Islamic Movement understands that its problem lies in its youth and in its women, and therefore launched a campaign called «our sons are in danger» in 2004. Its aim was to make its youngsters and women return to their religion. Surveys show that more and more Muslim youth describe themselves as non-religious, and there has been a significant drop in the adherence to Islamic laws (Ramadan, prayers.) More students are enrolled at ordinary academic institutions, and more youngsters enjoy spending their time at shopping malls alongside their Israeli counterparts while wearing the same brand-name shirts and jeans.

Muslim youth dance to the same rock and rap music, use the same cellular phones, and drink and smoke the same stuff.

Drop in bigamy

The Movement’s leadership is concerned by the fact that more and more women are discarding the Hijab and ignoring the rules of Islamic traditional dress. Many Muslim women take driving lessons, travel in mixed vehicles to their jobs and studies, bear fewer children and divorce more.
Much to the Islamic leadership’s regret, the last decade has seen a drop in bigamy and polygamy; while at the same time Muslim women’s associations have been working to apply the rulings of family courts on the Muslim community as well. Another concerning aspect is that hundreds (perhaps even more) of Muslim men are in relationships with Jewish women.

Overall, the average Muslim family makes use of multi-channel TVs, and the home distribution of personal computers and Internet access is quickly reaching the level prevalent in the Jewish community. As a result of this, the use of Israeli and English terminology is becoming increasingly widespread.

Islam out, West in

Westernization of young Israeli Muslims limits Temple Mount protest