Den 48 år lange og forhatte unntakstilstanden kan bli opphevet i Syria, men det hjelper lite når innenriksministeren sier landet står overfor et væpnet opprør.

Siden president Bashar al-Assad holdt sin tale lørdag, har uroen bare fortsatt. Bare i byen Homs ble 17 skutt søndag, og dette var mennesker som var ute for å sørge andre drepte.

«The pattern is repeating itself,» one activist said. «Protests, killings by security forces, funerals turned into protests, and more killing and vehement slogans against Bashar.»

Human rights campaigners said the 17 had been killed late on Sunday during protests against the death in custody of a tribal leader in Homs, 165 km (100 miles) north of Damascus.

«From alleyway to alleyway, from house to house, we want to overthrow you, Bashar,» the mourners chanted, according to a witness at the funeral.

The Interior Ministry described the wave of unrest in Syria as an armed insurrection, in a statement that human rights activists said signaled an harsher response.


Regimet har fått det for seg at det er salafister som står bak. De ønsker å opprette en islamistisk stat, med våpenmakt.

The government says Syria is the target of a conspiracy and authorities blame the violence on armed gangs and infiltrators supplied with weapons from Lebanon and Iraq.

The statement said armed groups belonging to ultra conservative Salafist Muslim organizations had killed security forces and civilians, mutilated their bodies, destroyed property and blocked public roads.

«… (the events) are an armed insurrection by armed groups belonging to Salafist organizations, especially in the cities of Homs and Banias,» it said.


«Some of these groups have called for armed insurrection under the motto of Jihad to set up a Salafist state.

«What they did is an ugly crime severely punished by law. Their objective is to spread terror across Syria … using the march of freedom and reform that was launched according to a timetable by President Assad in his guiding speech.»

Regimet kan ikke helt bestemme seg. I det ene øyeblikk forsøker det innynde seg hos islamistene, i det neste utpeker det dem som fiende.

USA er ikke sikker på at opphevelsen av unntaksloven kommer til å forandre særlig mye.

«It’s unclear whether they’ve passed legislation to lift the emergency law, but that a new law requiring protesters that — to receive permission from the Interior Ministry before holding demonstration may be — may be in play here,» State Department spokesman Mark Toner said.

Syria’s cabinet also passed legislation to «regulate the right of peaceful protest» and Interior Ministry permission will be required to demonstrate in Syria, the state news agency said.

In light of some of the comments from Syria’s interior minister, «this new legislation may prove as restrictive as the emergency law it replaced,» Toner said.

Thousands demand overthrow of Assad