Angrep på kristne vil være en sikker indikator på hvilken vei utviklingen går i Egypt. en prest ble drept i den sørlige delen tirsdag.

On Tuesday, a Coptic priest was killed in southern Egypt, triggering street demonstrations by several thousand Christians. The priest was found dead in his home with several stab wounds.

About 3,000 protesters scuffled with Muslim shop owners Tuesday night and smashed the windows of a police car in the city of Assiut.

The next day, around 2,000 Copts gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square to protest reports that an Egyptian army unit had attacked a desert monastery earlier on Wednesday. The protesters said that a military unit using armored vehicles had demolished newly-built fences surrounding the old monastery. They claimed that the soldiers fired live bullets at monks.

Egypt’s military council, which has been ruling the country since the Feb. 11 ouster of Mubarak, said the soldiers were removing «some walls that had been illegally built on the road and on land owned by the state.»