Italia forlanger at det ungarske presdidentskapet innkaller EUs ministerråd til krisemøte om strømmen av tunisiere til Malta og Italia.

Men Budapest svarer at det ikke er lett å få til. Ikke alle hovedsteder ser det så presserende. Justisministre og innenriksministre skal møtes 24-25 februar og Italia ba fredag om at migrasjon fra Maghreb og Egypt ble satt øverst. Men mandag endret Italia oppfatning og vil ha hasteinnkalt et møte med regjeringssjefer.

The demand from Rome echoes a call by the Italian delegation of conservative MEPs in the European Parliament on Monday lest southern EU states «be left alone to deal with this urgency.»

«It is absolutely essential to convene an extraordinary EU Council … in the next few days to deal with an epic emergency comparable in intensity and scale to the fall of the Soviet Bloc in 1989″, said Mario Mauro MEP, the head of the Italian delegation in the chamber, in a letter to EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy.»What is happening in the Maghreb countries has to fully put into question the weakness of the EU Mediterranean Strategy,» he continued.

Hungarian sources told EUobserver that Budapest «will do all it can to accommodate the Italians,» but the timing is tight, and it is far from certain whether other EU member states will view the situation the same way as Rome.

Italia og Malta føler at landene blir stående alene med ansvaret og problemene. Hvis situasjonen skulle eskalere kan det få store følger.

Malta arbeider overfor Libya for å få til et regionalt toppmøte:

Meanwhile, Malta is busy making emergency preparations in concert with the Libyan government to turn a previously scheduled Mediterranean security meeting into a head-of-state-level summit on the north African situation. The group normally meets at minister-level. If it takes place, the summit would be the first top-level so-called Five Plus Five summit since 2003.

The Five Plus Five is a security club bringing together Algeria, France, Italy, Libya, Malta, Mauritania, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, and Tunisia. It is entirely separate of the EU.

Malta’s prime minister, Lawrence Gonzi, and foreign minister, Tonio Borg, took a surprise trip to Tripoli last Wednesday amid fears that anti-government protests in Libya, its long-time anti-immigration ally, could threaten its border security.

According to Mr Borg, the pair were in Libya to discuss «stability in the region» and the Five Plus Five summit with Libyan hardman Moammar Gaddafi.

Upon his return from Tripoli, Mr Borg hit out at the EU, according to the Times of Malta, warning the bloc to «desist from adopting a condescending attitude towards Arab states» and plans to «mould their government[s] into Western templates».

EU-kommissær Malmstrøm stilte seg helt uforstående til kritikken fra Italia. Hun sa hun lørdag hadde spurt Italia om det trengte hjelp med migrasjonen til Lampedusa, men Italia hadde svart at det ikke var behov.

Italy and Malta want special summits on Africa crisis