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Hans Rustad

When John Pil­ger says the left ‘should not be choosy’ but should back the fasci­s­tic Iraqi ‘resi­stance’, we refuse. When the left says 9/11 was sim­ply ‘blow­back’ for the cri­mes of US impe­ria­lism, we refuse. When Michael Moore asks us to believe that pre-war Iraq was a coun­try of happy kite-flying child­ren, we refuse. When Michael Moore wri­tes ‘there is no
ter­ro­rist threat, repeat after me, THERE IS NO TERRORIST THREAT’, we refuse. When a warm wel­come is exten­ded by the ‘left-wing’ Major of Lon­don, Ken Livings­tone, to the Fun­da­men­ta­list cle­ric, Dr Al-Qaradawi, an anti-semite, and a pro­po­nent of the kil­ling of homo­sexuals and wife-beating, we refuse. When the left fails to rouse itself to oppose Cri­mes against Huma­nity in the Bal­kans, or in Zim­babwe, or in the Sudan, or in North Korea, because to oppose ‘the resi­stance’ of Slo­bo­dan Milo­se­vic or Robert Mugabe or Kim Il Sung is to sup­port ‘impe­ria­lism’, we refuse. When the left apo­lo­gi­ses for the suicide bom­bers who blow up Jews in coffee bars in Tel Aviv on the grounds that the ‘resi­stance’ must be sup­ported, and the ‘Zio­nists’ oppo­sed, we refuse (even as we seek a secure Pale­sti­nian state). And when a lea­der of the Stop the War Move­ment (and the SWP) John Rees, argues that ‘Socia­lists should uncon­ditio­nally stand with the oppressed against the oppres­sor, even if the people who run the oppressed coun­try are unde­mocra­tic and perse­cute minori­ties, like Sad­dam Hus­sein’, we say enough is enough.

The decent left will emerge as a poli­ti­cal force by tur­ning each nega­tive refu­sal into a posi­tive policy and cam­paign. For each refu­sal of ours does carry a posi­tive charge: pro-human rights above all, pro-international soli­darity with the vic­tims of Geno­cide and Cri­mes against Huma­nity, pro-worker, pro-feminism, pro-gay rights, pro-democracy, pro-liberty, pro-social jus­tice. A decent left poli­tics in the post-cold war world will define itself posi­tively as the pur­suit of these values and not as a nega­tive coalition of ‘antis’. On such values we can build a cul­ture not just a poli­ti­cal movement.”

Alan John­son, Labour Fri­ends of Iraq

(Lenke via Harry’s Place)

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